21-22 Sep: LiONS’ Retreat 2013

Dear Buddhist Youth Leaders,

We would like invite you and your leaders to this year’s LiONS’ retreat, a 2-day event where Buddhist youth leaders get to know each other and practice the Dhamma together.

LiONS’ Retreat 2013

Duration: 21 Sep (Sat) 9.30am to 22 Sep (Sun) 6.00pm
Venue: Kwan Yin Chan Lin – No. 21, Lorong 25 Geylang, Singapore 388299
Fees:  $30.00 (includes one t-shirt, meals and accommodation)
Vacancy: 40 participants
Who should attend: Youth group committee members, potential youth leaders and active youth practitioners. Range from 16 to 30 years old.

What is LiONS’ retreat about?
This retreat speaks to the question: when anger, fear or sadness arises, what do you do? Like playing a good tennis game, the player sticks to a certain racquet grip and practices hitting the ball in a comfortable style for years on end. Likewise, it is of good benefit to know how to position our mind in our most optimal manner when mental hindrances like anger, fear or sadness arise. This retreat offers tools for daily practice, to counter some mental hindrances and ensure peace when tougher situations come up in life. Also, with continuous effort to counter our stronger hindrances, there will come a time when their conditioning wanes and a good level of inner joy arises, the next visible step in our spiritual path.


Segments of the retreat
1. Understanding the five hindrances and learn how to deal with them
2. Revisiting Noble Eightfold Path
3. Intergroup connection


Who are we?
We are from the Buddhist Youth Network, an independent group of youth leaders gathered from various local Buddhist organizations with a common goal to get to know more youth leaders in our Buddhist community. Previously, we have organized three series of Camp LIONS between 2009 and 2011, with up to 150 youth leaders joining as participants from 12 different Buddhist organizations. As a next phase of our own spiritual growth, this LiONS’ retreat will be focusing more on the practice of Dhamma.


How to register?
1. To facilitate deeper engagement and to accommodate with the limited space, each organization may send at most 4 leaders to the retreat.
2. Please register at tiny.cc/lionsretreat by 8 Sep (Sun).
3. Payment of $30.00 cash shall be made at the registration counter of the retreat. 


Email joy@buddhistyouth.sg for enquiries.

We look forward to seeing you at the retreat!

With Metta,
LiONS’ Retreat 2013 Committee
Buddhist Youth Network



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