BYN Monthly Mindfulness – give your mind a break (second Sundays)


Take a break once a month to reconnect with the Triple Gem and spiritual friends.

Join Venerable Phra Chun Kiang for meditations, prayers and Dharma discussions on daily living.

2nd Sunday of the Month
2pm – 4pm
Palelai Buddhist Temple, 49 Bedok Walk S469145
(Tanah Merah MRT Station)

9 April
14 May
11 June
9 July
13 August
10 September
8 October
12 November
10 December

You may register for sessions beyond April

Enquiry: [email protected]


Phra Goh Chun Kiang became a Buddhist during his secondary school years when he took 3 refuges under a Tibetan lama. He later on received his monkhood(Bhikkhu) ordination during 2008 into the Theravada tradition of Thai Dhammayuttika sect at Santi Forest Monastery in Johor, Malaysia.

After spending first 5 years of rains retreats at various forest monasteries in Malaysia and Thailand, he returned to Singapore and is currently residing at Palelai Buddhist Temple.

He joined the inter-Religious Organisation Youth in 2013 as a member and is also the spiritual advisor to a few Buddhist organisations such as Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society, Palelai Pals and BuddhistYouth Network.





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