E-Book: Answers to Questions on Buddhist Rituals – What, Why and How?

This book comprises a compilation of questions and answers on Buddhist rituals and more. The questions were asked during the Buddhist Rituals Symposium, organized by and held at Poh Ming Tse Temple (PMT), Singapore on 25th Aug 2012. The answers were provided by the 4 speakers belonging to the 3 Buddhist traditions namely, Theravada, Chinese Mahayana and Tibetan Mahayana. Hence, this book contains very valuable answers from the perspective of 3 traditions.

The 4 speakers were:

  1. Khenpo Zangpo Bodh, Khampagar Monastery, Tashi Jong, India
  2. Ven. Wei Wu, Than Hsiang Foundation, Malaysia
  3. Bhante K. Rathansara, Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple, Singapore
  4. Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama, Nalanda Institute, Malaysia

Download e-book in PDF format for offline reading. Feel free to share with those who are interested.

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