Profile: Chong Kwek Yan

Chong Kwek Yan is a senior of NUS Buddhist Society, where he conducts training workshops for new committee members, facilitators of peer discussion groups, and camp group leaders. He also shares about the Dharma in society events.

He is currently a postgraduate student at the Department of Biological Sciences, NUS. You may read more about him on his blog.

How has the Dharma benefited you?

I always say that the world looks different after learning and practising the Teachings. I have become more aware of myself and my thoughts, and the consequences of my actions and speech, and have seen the teachings come alive all around me. I have also come to understand what is truly important in life, and have become a happier person more at peace with myself than before.

What is your vision for the future of Buddhism in Singapore?

I think there is no longer denying the reality after the last Singapore Census in 2010: in terms of numbers of Buddhists, Buddhism is on the decline, especially so among the youth. The way forward now is for a healthy consolidation of the Buddhist resources and some creative self-searching in the Buddhist community. Old mindsets need to be put aside and the new generation of Buddhists have to be given the space to take charge. I hope to see in the future a tightly knit Buddhist community where there is sincere practice of the Teachings in daily activities.

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