Profile: Chuah Chong Hong

From left: Chong Hong, Seow Yuin and Eric at the launch of a Dharma book

Chong Hong is an alumnus of NUS Buddhist Society, where he conducts workshops on how to facilitate Dhamma discussion in a small group.

He was also Deputy Dharma Director (2006/2007) and Auditor  (2007/2008) at the society. Outside the society, he has led the OM Music Workshop in organising a Buddhist Hymns sharing session. He was also one of the organisers for a workshop for helping professionals, on combating compassion fatigue.

Although schooled in the Life Sciences at NUS, Chong Hong took up a graduate diploma in Social Work after his graduation and is currently a social worker at the Moral Family Service Centre (Bedok North).

How has the Dharma benefited you?

I apply mindfulness in my daily activities because it helps me in focusing on my work and not to react unnecessarily. Meditation helps me in relaxing my mind.

What is your vision for the future of Buddhism in Singapore?

Create the conditions for more people to learn and benefit from the Dhamma.

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