Dana For Dharma

Dana for Dharma – I support Dharma!

Without a doubt, you must have benefitted much from Buddhism in your life journey, no matter the stages.

How would you like to make a difference, and be the candle that continues to light up others’ path?

Dana for Dharma is BuddhistYouth Network’s on-going fund-raising campaign. We raise funds for our Dharma programmes, from forums, workshops, monthly fellowship sessions, community projects, to a nation-wide Singapore Buddhist Youth Day, and more.

We invite you to be part of Dana for Dharma, and practice the generosity paramita in support of our Buddhist youths.


How Can I Contribute

You may make a monthly, yearly or once-off donation.

Details are available in the sign up form.

Dana for Dhama FAQ and BYN 2009 to 2016 scorecard









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