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  • Singapore Buddhist Youth Day 2017

    Singapore Buddhist Youth Day 2017

    Singapore Buddhist Youth Day (SBYD) is an annual tradition where youths from Singapore come together and give back to the society. Through meditating on loving-kindness and community service, we express our gratitude to, (1) Triple Gems – Buddha, Dharma (teachings) and Sangha (community) (2) parents and teachers (3) our country and (4) sentient beings and the…

  • Happy Vesak 2561 (2017)

    Happy Vesak 2561 (2017)

    May we strive to seek the truth and continue to uphold His teachings. May all beings attain Nibbāna! ​With metta, Phra Goh Religious Advisor BuddhistYouth Network​

  • Dana For Dharma

    Dana For Dharma

    Dana for Dharma – I support Dharma! Without a doubt, you must have benefitted much from Buddhism in your life journey, no matter the stages. How would you like to make a difference, and be the candle that continues to light up others’ path? Dana for Dharma is BuddhistYouth Network’s on-going fund-raising campaign. We raise…

  • Succeeding as a Buddhist Leader – Learning Points

    Succeeding as a Buddhist Leader – Learning Points

    “Succeeding as a Buddhist Leader” Cindy Chew and Dhynna Lim One fine Sunday on 7th August 2016, a group of youth from Buddhist Gem Fellowship Youth Connection (BGFYC), Malaysia decided to live life to the fullest and travel all the way to Singapore just to be inspired. And inspired they were. They were part of…

  • Personal & Professional Development Coaching

    Personal & Professional Development Coaching

    BYN Personal & Professional Development Coaching BYN’s pro-bono coaching connects you with your values and vision at a deeper level, and develops specific goals and action plans to achieve desired results. Exclusively for Buddhist youths aged 18 or above. Service available till Dec 2017. Register: goo.gl/forms/pKFLztUzc4D4dGNm1  Enquiry: [email protected]     BuddhistYouth Network supports youths to…

  • Succeeding as a Buddhist Leader

    Succeeding as a Buddhist Leader

    BYN Annual Leadership Workshop 2016 Succeeding as a Buddhist Leader Societies need leaders to progress. Successful leaders embody ambition, capability and passion. They earn respect, prestige and rewards such as scholarships, career promotions and social status. How do we define Buddhist leadership? What does success look like for a Buddhist leader and specifically, a Buddhist…

  • Bodhi Seed Fund 2016

    Bodhi Seed Fund 2016

    Are you looking for funds? Do you have a project or an idea? If you have a project to propagate Buddhism, cultivate the Dharma or benefit society, the Bodhi Seed Funds can fund you! Who can apply: youths How to apply: email [email protected] for application form Closing Date: 30 Aug 2016 *Shortlisted applicants are required to attend an…

  • Vesak 2560 Messages from Ven Kwang Sheng and Phra Chun Kiang

    Vesak 2560 Messages from Ven Kwang Sheng and Phra Chun Kiang

      Vesak Day Message 2016 from Ven Kwang Sheng Vesak is a time to reflect on Buddha’s qualities and teachings. Are we applying the Dharma in our lives? Are we inspired by Buddha’s compassion? As Buddhist youths, you have heavy commitments in studies, career and family. Continue to practice the Dharma so that you have…

  • Michelle Ang “What I Would Say to My 21-Year-Old Self”, SBYD16

    Michelle Ang “What I Would Say to My 21-Year-Old Self”, SBYD16

    “We all have the potential to be enlightened and awakened, just like the Buddha.” – Michelle Ang Inspiring Buddhist Youths To celebrate Vesak 2560 and the Singapore Buddhist Youth Day 2016, two films are launched to inspire Buddhist youths. Sis Michelle Ang emphasizes self-compassion and right motivation while Bro Kan Rong Hui advocates kindness and collective action. In this video, Sis Michelle…

  • State of Buddhism In Singapore

    State of Buddhism In Singapore

    “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan   State of Buddhism in Singapore Buddhist practices and lifestyles change as society evolves.  Buddhists’ frequency of visiting Temples and Buddhist Centres has decreased over the years, with more choosing to “attend” Dharma talks virtually,…