Kan Rong Hui, “Kindness is a Kind of Freedom” (SBYD16)

“Kindness is a kind of freedom …to give other people confidence…and to make someone’s life better.”

– Kan Rong Hui


Inspiring Buddhist Youths

To celebrate Vesak 2560 and the Singapore Buddhist Youth Day 2016, two films are launched to inspire Buddhist youths. Bro Kan Rong Hui advocates kindness and collective action while Sis Michelle Ang emphasizes self-compassion and right motivation.


In this video, Bro Rong Hui reflects on his aspirations and life journey. “I think when I look back at my 21-year-old self, I didn’t know much. I was bumping around, thinking that I had done a lot but actually not really. So my advice to my 21-year-old self would be – be humble; always understand that there is so much more to be done; always think about how you can give to the world rather than to receive; and be courageous to pursue what your heart tells you to do, if it is in line with the Dharma.”

Enjoy this video and may you do something exciting & useful for Buddhism and the world.

Singapore Buddhist Youth Day 2016

About Singapore Buddhist Youth Day 2016

This inaugural event aims to foster spiritual friendship among Buddhist youths and show our gratitude to Singapore. On 9 July 2016, youths can sign up for an act of gratitude to Singapore. You can choose to serve the environment, elderly or the poor. In addition, friendship games, meditation and a concert await you. Register now at buddhistyouth.sg/gratitude. All are welcome, bring your friends along!

Singapore Buddhist Youth Day 2016 -Youths In Action is organised by a steering committee comprising leaders from various youth groups (Buddhist Fellowship Youth, Singapore Buddhist Mission Youth, 108 degree, & READ) and supported by the Buddhist Fellowship, Rangjung Yeshe Oddiyana and Vimalakirti Buddhist Centre.  Secretariat support is provided by the BuddhistYouth Network.

About Bro Rong Hui

Kan Rong Hui is an Assistant Head at a statutory board and was a Public Private Partnerships Analyst with the World Bank. He holds an EDB Scholarship and was educated in Boston University, Peking University & Raffles Junior College. Beside regular meditation retreats, Rong Hui is an active Buddhist youth organiser who was part of the committees for the State of Buddhism Conference in 2015 & the Sadhu For the Music Concert at the Esplanade in 2016. As a director of the BuddhistYouth Network (BYN), he invites Buddhist youths to network, learn from each other and use their collective energy to do something exciting & useful for Buddhism and the world.



Sign up now to carry out Acts of Gratitude to Singapore on 9 Jul
Sign up now to carry out Acts of Gratitude to Singapore on 9 Jul


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