Reflections: The Freedom Song

I picture something

It’s beautiful

It’s full of life
and it is
all blue

I see a sunset
on the beach

It makes me feel calm

When I’m calm,

I feel good… And when I feel good,
I sing… And the joy it brings,
Makes me feel good… And when I feel good,
I sing… Of the joy it brings…

I see birds fly
across the sky

Everyone’s heart
flies together

Food is frying

and people smiling

Like there is no
other way
to feel good…

And when I feel good
I sing… And the joy it brings
Makes me feel good… And when I feel good
I sing… Of the joy it brings

I say! Come on along!

I know you really wanna feel our song

We’ve got some life to bring

We’ve got some joy in this thing!

Got to get youself some of that Freedom!

The Freedom Song
Jason Mraz

Ehi Passiko! Come and see, feel the calm and the joy, and earn that Freedom for yourself.

P.S. And it shouldn’t matter whether Jason Mraz is Buddhist.







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