Singapore Buddhist Youth Day 2017

Singapore Buddhist Youth Day (SBYD)

is an annual tradition where youths from Singapore come together and give back to the society. Through meditating on loving-kindness and community service, we express our gratitude to,

(1) Triple Gems – Buddha, Dharma (teachings) and Sangha (community)

(2) parents and teachers

(3) our country and

(4) sentient beings and the environment.


The quality of gratitude is esteemed to be one of the highest blessings in Buddhism. It counteracts the negativity derived from the fault finding mind or complaining culture.” – Phra Goh Chun Kiang, Religious Advisor, BuddhistYouth Network 


Sat 1 July 2017, 9.30am to 9.30pm at Poh Ming Tse (438 Dunearn Road)

9.30am Meditation

11.00am Community Service

5.30pm Buffet Dinner

6.30pm Gratitude Concert

Fee: free for full-time students & NSmen, $10 for working adults

Age: 13 to 30

Enquiry: 9736 1146





a. Elderlylunch with low income elderly to find out their challenges and collect cardboard boxes with them, can you guess how much they earn for 1 kg of cardboard?

b. Environment/nature: lunch with eco-warrier Tay Lai Hock to find out why he passionately fights for nature and get your hands dirty farming at Ground-Up Initiative

c. Heritage: visit Singapore’s last kampong, find out why landlady of Kg Buangkok refuses to sell the land and make videos for the kampong’s legacy. Can you guess how much rental she charges her tenants?

d. Inter-faith: meditate with youths from different faiths or promote religious harmony by distributing roses with gratitude notes, do you know how many religions are practiced in Singapore?

e. Low income: lunch with low income residents at Bt Merah to find out their challenges and distribute food ration, do you know how many people are living in poverty in Singapore?

f. Migrant workers: find out why these domestic workers seek shelter in an NGO and bring cheers to them with games & savour hometown dishes that they will cook for you.



– produced by Ng Kang Kee, producer, song writer and founder of 生命中的朋友 (friends in life)

– be moved by Buddhist songs in both English and Chinese with sing-a-longs

– be inspired to grow more gratitude in your life




What last year’s participants say

I really really really like the event! Inspiring and amazing!” – Mellita Annga 

“Bring Buddhist Youths of Singapore together.” – Khiew Zhi Kai

An eye opening experience, the hidden side of Singapore. We went out there to give out food rations and but received the important lesson of gratitude.” – Teo Heng Xuan



This event is organised by Buddhist youth leaders and BuddhistYouth Network (BYN). 

For more information, follow us @buddhistyouthnetwork on Facebook and Instagram






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